My husband, Oscar Wilde.

About Oscar Wilde’s wife. 🙂


con1Whenever I think about Constance Lloyd  Wilde, and what she had to endure, all alone in an age when  it was important to be “earnest”, respectable and have the sense of decorum, I cannot help but wonder: what was her marriage like? When did she understand about her husband’s sexual behaviour? How did she feel? Let’s start from the beginning.

con4As far as we know, Constance first met Wilde at a party given by Lady Wilde for her two sons at Merrion Square in Dublin on 6 June 1881. Constance was a passionate reader of poetry and discovered soon that Wilde shared with her a deep admiration for Keats. On the following day, she wrote to her brother Otho:
“O. W. came yesterday at about 5.30 (by which time I was shaking with fright!) and stayed for half an hour, begged me to come and see his mother again soon……

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5 thoughts on “My husband, Oscar Wilde.

  1. What a sad, yet fascinating story. I had recently read another article on him, (could have been from It talked much about his children’s name being changed and moving away to escape his name, but it didn’t give as much reference to his “crimes”.

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    • There is no doubt that had he been born now, no one would care a damn about his homosexuality. But I bet his kids would still have been taken away from him. Why? Because some idiots still equate homosexuality with paedophilia, which as we know, is not true.

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