Been there…


Not everyone likes people to succeed in what they do. In fact these days more and more people both your colleagues and the general public want you to fail. This applies to any and all writers, recognised or like myself known only to a few lovers of my work.


Since one of my books achieved my dream to become a best-selling author (selling 250,000+ ebook copies), I have become another victim of the tall poppy syndrome. I have experienced hate and envy, particularly among certain of my colleagues. While it is true to say I brush it off and move on, I do it with great difficulty. In other words despite the passing of time it doesn’t get any easier.

As published writers, unfortunately hateful comments and reviews are par for the course. Many come from other writers jealous of your work. All any of us can do is move on to the next story. In that regard I’m currently reading and re-reading everything I have on Nicollo Machiavelli and my favourite painter and all round bad boy Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. By hook or by crook I’m determined to get another best-seller under my belt before I die. Here’s hoping its my next and twelfth book…

Please click on the above cover to go to the Amazon UK site for my best-seller.

P.S. Finally after all this time I’m busy putting my research of Machiavelli and Caravaggio to good use in my current W.I.P – tentively entitled East Wind after my anti-hero’s boat…


19 thoughts on “Been there…

  1. I won’t argue as I haven’t completed my first book, yet. Contrary to what you have said, and I do understand how one can feel that way, not everyone hates to see those around them succeed. I have always taken delight in the success of others, numerous politicians aside. I wish you only the best. I must confess, I have often been the odd duck in the pond. xx

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  2. BTW, I find your book choices interesting. Perhaps one day you might share a post on books that you truly enjoyed and why. My current TBR pile contains some modern authors, Andre Camilleri, Antoine Laurain but there is also Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche. Yesterday I ordered The Eternal Husband and other stories of Fyodor Dostoevsky…


  3. Most of us can only dream of selling more than a quarter of a million e-book copies, Jack. You did it. And, if Fate is fair, you’ll do it again. I salute your ongoing courage….I have lost mine somewhat during the last months….

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  4. I was unaware of this great success, Jack. I am extremely pleased for you, and send you my sincere congratulations on that achievement. It is horrible that some fellow authors have used this as an excuse to be nasty or unkind, and that only shows them up for the shallow individuals they must be.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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