The Perfect Flaw

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You would love her if she wished, but not for an eternity. Anger was her closest friend, and nothing bored her more, she cried, than “Weak kneed praise from slack jawed men.” Unstable at the best of times, she could act a thousand roles as long as, she always said, “The curtain falls before I’m bored.”

Love in all its travesties riled her to breaking point; cursed with more than average looks, and that allure which chaos brings, she chose to mock at ordered lives, and “Try and spice things up a bit.” Swept through events with spendthrift haste, guzzling at experience. “Bills are not my thing” she said, ” But you can pay them if you wish. ”

She understood stability, and the fantasies of sober men, and teased them with coquettish skill; tugged their hearts with reckless angst. Eased them from their marriage beds, then laughed at their…

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