I talk to myself. Who doesn’t!


Years ago when I was a small boy I witnessed something which might explain a few things about me, if you are at all interested…

My mother and I were walking into Beccles where I still live today from the farm we lived on in the village of Barsham. Armed with our ration books in mum’s purse we were going for the weekly ration pickup (two real eggs, two ounces of marg, either four paper-thin slices of bacon or what used to pass for a half-dozen sausages, mainly containing gristle and suet). From memory the latter were bloody awful! So much so that it was years before I could face a proper sausage. This weekly ritual was a hangover from the Second World War still in operation.

But I digress…

We passed an old man on the road walking the other way towards Bungay who was talking to himself. I doubt mum thought anything about it. Nor did I until I started talking to myself a few years back.

Since I officially became an old man two years ago on my seventieth, holding daily conversations with myself just like the old man I saw all those years previously has become the norm.

Before you think of phoning the men in white coats, hear me out.

My talking to myself is no different from anyone talking to their dog or cat. What better way is there when no one is around than to vocalise whats occupying your thoughts at any given moment.Β  Besides which, talking to myself means that I always know that no matter how brief, it will be meaningful. Ask yourself how many conversations you’ve had with other people recently that are anything but meaningful? I rest my case.

Here is a light-hearted example:

I’m hungry

So am I. I need a sandwich too

So make one

Good idea Jack

I thought so too…


Or there is my nightly ritual when I check the windows and doors before turning in:

Back doorΒ  – One of those

Kitchen windows – Two of them

Front door – One of those

Bathroom window – One of those

Bedroom window – One of those

Drawing the bedroom curtain closed after first checking the birds are still feeding unmolested – And one of those


Believe it or not, its not uncommon for a story to emerge from my often disjointed conversational ramblings. Not often I grant you. But occasionally one does. Hasn’t happened as yet this year though.

Hey ho…




27 thoughts on “I talk to myself. Who doesn’t!

  1. I used to talk to my cats all the time, even to the dog now (although she’s not as good a listener). I talk to the radio. And long before I started writing, little bits of dialogue would pop up in my brain, probably inspired by whatever I was reading at the time. (And I’m not 70 yet).

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  2. I’ve found myself talking to myself more of late. Sometimes my wife will ask who I’m talking to and I tell her “just myself” and well, she shakes her head. I think is questioning my sanity. I would always say – “I can fight with myself, but the day I lose the battle, well…” Uh, that happened the other day. I wanted to continue working, but the other me wanted to take a break and well, I lost. We took a break. I didn’t get as much accomplished as I’d hoped for the day and well, I got mad at myself. You know, when the rest of the world kicks you when you’re down, you can pick yourself up and walk proud. But, when you kick yourself, somehow it just doesn’t do the psyche any good. I’m learning to stand up to myself, and I’m feeling better. Since then, many of our conversations are on better ground with a firm understanding of who is in charge. And, as I’ve seen posted somewhere – When you see me talking to myself, remember, I’m getting expert advice.

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  3. Jack, I’m older than you and I talk to myself. I can figure out a lot of stuff writing when I talk it over and come up with the best way to put the words down. I think it’s normal in the house. Now on the street, some jabberers are a bit off. I wouldn’t want to get tagged that. πŸ™„πŸ€£ Christine

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  4. I’m younger than your good self but already have succumbed to the talk to yourself club. Oh dear! I Must be a long term member. I see no problem with it, like you I enjoy verbalising my internal thoughts in a meaningful dialogue with myself! When people give me funny looks I stop and continue my chit-chat in my head, bringing it out for future discussion at a later time. Lol.

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  5. I’ve talked to myself for as long as I have been able to talk (I’m 36 now) I have a lot going on in my mind most of the time and I look at this as a way of processing it. If people think I’m mad then so be it.

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  6. Au contraire mon cher. But do beware of what you say to yourself. “I can reveal the way that I feel by the things I say and do. By changing what I say and do, I can change my feelings too.” Author unknow
    My clients often loved that one. πŸ™‚ xx

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  7. Speaking as one Jack to another… I’m so happy to find a kindred spirit. I wish you lived nearby… we could talk to each other whenever we got tired of talking to ourselves. Whenever I’m talking to myself I always feel like the guy I’m speaking to is much smarter than me… and he can become annoyingly pedantic. I, on the other-hand am always to soul of modesty and consideration.
    Hi there the other Jack… old fellow. Have a splendid day… Yours, the other, other Jack

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