A rewrite is underway

7th age

When I wrote and published The Seventh Age back in 2012, my thinking at the time was to get it out as quickly as possible before the winter solstice in that year, mistakes and all. Why? To appeal to those who firmly believed the Mayan calendar predictions that the world would end on December 21st of that year. Obviously it didn’t happen, but the book enjoyed a lot of success, selling in excess of a quarter of a million copies.

Now, having finally got round to re-reading it four years on, its time to produce a second edition, correcting the spelling errors as well as adding the few words missing throughout the story, principally to get the damned grammar nazis and assorted idiots off my back! Let’s face it, by not editing I gave them what they wanted. Unless they can tear a book apart, they’re not happy. And yet what really galls them to this day is that a book written by an Indie author became an overnight best seller despite the editing errors and their worst efforts.

So, this morning I’ve already begun while the rest of the world was still asleep. I’ll keep you updated with its progress. Meantime here is a direct quote from the original regarding the love affair between the two main characters Ithis, a crypto terrestrial and the archaeologist, Dr Nick Palmer at a critical juncture in the story:


My heroine Ithis

From now on at night while he slept, Ithis entered his mind tenderly making gentle love to his soul, taking him beyond the normal wonderful sensations of lovemaking, ever mindful that she must not make actual physical contact – at least not just yet…’

PS – will it have a new cover? I have no plans to replace the original as it shows what the book is all about – time.

More later


23 thoughts on “A rewrite is underway

  1. The sign of a mature author is when you can go back to your favorite ‘baby’ and see you have grown and it’s time to make changes. I know what you are going through, since I had to do the same thing. And improving on a success is always wise. Good job, Jack!

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  2. My novel “2012: Timeline Apocalypse” did well, not as well as yours. Two years ago, prior to covid, I sold a copy at a nearby fair. The young girl came back and bought copies of almost every book I had AND gushed quite loudly about how great my story-telling ability was. Uh, I sold another 3 copies of 2012 because of her. This is seven years AFTER the event and several years after it was first published. Like you said, the book ended differently than the world actually dealt with, but that is part of being able to write a story. Personally, I think 12/21/2012 was a dull day in history, almost as bad as 01/01/2000 which everyone had apprehensions regarding what would happen.

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